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Design Sprints for winning products

Design Sprints for Organisations

Design Thinking and Agile are not just ideas applied to product development, but ways of working to be adopted by entire companies. Introducing these powerful ideas to the business side of an organisation requires focus, commitment and clarity. Many of the disciplines that enable developers to rapidly adopt agile and design thinking are absent in the business side. This is particularly critical when prioritising and gaining buy-in for new products, services or market initiatives. We address that problem by providing both the tools and a coherent process through which the stakeholders of an organisation can come together to confidently articulate, validate and prioritise what the organisation should focus on next. In particular, we focus on the Design Sprint model, developed by Google Ventures. Design Sprints are a proven methodology for solving problems through designing, prototyping, and testing ideas with users. Design Sprints quickly align teams under a shared vision with clearly defined goals and deliverables. Our experience and enthusiasm help companies successfully adopt and scale these new techniques to build market winning solutions to customer needs.
Leverage Design Thinking and frictionlessly dovetail with your existing agile development, getting you to market faster.
Products that work globally and processes that engage stakeholders and bridge different parts of your internal business.
Deep dive into the problem space to solve real customer needs. Validate your target market, how large it is and how desperate they are for a solution.


Through the use of short, focused sprints, we help your business accelerate the way you build the products and services your customers want. We provide a structured process for answering critical business questions through research, design, prototyping, and testing with customers.

Our approach is a “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behaviour science, design thinking, and more—packaged into a proven process that we help you use to continuously respond to customers’ needs in today’s disruptive marketplace.


A research and customer led exercise aimed at discovery. Key questions we answer include; What are my customers’ real needs? Who exactly is my target market? How big is this segment? What problems do they really have? How big are these problems for them? How badly do they want them solved?


From discovery to validation. Once we understand the needs we are addressing we can focus on how to most effectively build a winning solution. How can I best address the key opportunities I’ve identified? What would be the best solution to this problem? Do we have the pricing right? Is my customer experience good enough to win and retain customers?

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Build better services and products faster with Design Sprints

A Design Sprint helps you quickly design, prototype and validate a potential solution to a customer need. It is an intense, 5 day sprint where your product managers, designers, engineers and executive decision makers work with to convert your hypothesis into a user-tested clickable prototype.

Training to succeed.

We provide a series of hands on, instructor led workshops aimed at fully equipping your teams with all the skills needed to run design sprints and build winning products. Contact us at training@eightyeight.io for more details of how we can help you and your teams successfully adopt Design Sprints.

February public course, 21st February, Melbourne CBD

Using Design Sprints as a fast path to build winning products.

Join us for this half day, hands on workshop on running Design Sprints.

Working together in a sprint, you can shortcut the endless-debate cycle and compress months of time into a single week. Instead of waiting to launch a minimal product to understand if an idea is any good, you’ll get clear data from an effective, realistic prototype. The Design Sprint gives you a superpower: You can fast-forward into the future to see your finished product and customer reactions, before making any expensive commitments

For newcomers to Design Sprints, you’ll learn how to discovery customer needs and new product ideas, how to validate product hypotheses and how to make key product decisions quicker. If you’re familiar with Design Sprints, this is a great way to work with the team on practical issues such as facilitation, planning and integrating Design Sprints into an overall product development process.

What you will learn:

  • Background to Design Sprints, what is a Design Sprint
  • 5 Day Design Sprint Method
  • When you can (and when you can’t) use a Design Sprint
  • Key tools used in a Design Sprint
  • Fast path through a case study to see how to deliver rapid and impactful outcomes

Who should attend:

  • Executives at large companies
  • Startup founders
  • Marketers
  • Product owners  and managers
  • Product Designers and Product Developers
  • Project managers and leaders

Or anyone in CX/UX, design or product marketing with an interest in adopting the latest methods.

Contact us on training@eightyeight.io for more details and to book your place.


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Contact us for more information on how we can help train your teams, facilitate or run Design Sprints for your organisation.

T: 0476 07 88 17

E: info@eightyeight.io